Gaming Computers

For now, gaming desktops still remain better than gaming laptops, because of one important detail: size. In this particular area, size does matter. For now, in a small laptop interior case you just can't squeeze as much gaming power that you can in a big desktop computer.

Top Video & Audio

Top Processor

Large amounts Memory & Storage

Support & Warranty

Home Theater PCs

After many years of talk about integrating the computer system into the living room, that vision is finally starting to become reality with the home theater PCs. While many of media center systems are just glorified desktop PCs, the systems on this list are designed to fit in with your existing home theater equipment acting as DVRs and personal computers.

Play MP3s, MPEG-4 video from library

Play PC games

HDMI connector

Attain Dolby Digital/DTS pass-through to receiver

Quiet Computers

Making a high performance computer quiet is an art form. We are Key West authorities on building quiet systems and we've put together a lot of information for you.

A completely fanless case.

The full sound control treatment

Extra Quiet Parts

Custom Liquid Cooling

Best in Class Components

Custom Configurations

Extreme PC

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